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Flickr Instructions


You need to set up your own Flickr account (if you do not already have one. NOTE: Flickr is owned by Yahoo. If you have a Yahoo! account ste up/access Flickr with it) and contribute to a class Flickr group for assignments and discussion. Each assignment will be its own group. This will allow us (and you) to keep assignments/discussions organized.

There is a page/Flickr feed for each of the first five assignments under the ‘Assignments’ tab on the class home page. The assignments tab is an RSS feed directly from your posted assignments in Flickr.


This is will take a you about 10 minutes (estimated) to set up, a bit longer if you do not have a Flickr account. The instructions below are in two parts: Flickr Set Up and Upload (for newbies) followed by JOINING AND POSTING IMAGES IN THE ASSIGNMENT GROUPS.

If you can’t figure it out we’ll discuss it in class. If you can’t post bring your assignment (Photoshopped and slugged as explained in class and below) to class on some sort of external drive.


Go to Flickr and set up an account. It’s free. We’ll talk about using the account more next week. For now, just set up the account.

Once you’ve set up your account. Simply upload your images to your photostream. ‘Photostream’ is Flickr-speak for your general archive (again, later will show you how to organize images and control privacy settings). Your images should be SLUGGED WITH YOUR LAST NAME AND THE ASSIGNMENT SLUG AND THE IMAGE SEQUENCE NUMBER (example: smock_portrait_1). If they are not properly slugged, we have know way of knowing how the photographer is (your Flickr account name won’t necessarily tell us).

Note the ‘Upload’ tab in the image below at the top right of my photostream page. Click the button and follow the instructions to upload the images. Once they are uploaded they will appear in your photostream.


That’s it for the first part.


Note the groups tab in the image above. If you click on the tab you will have the option to ‘search for a group’


The class has five groups, one for each of the weekly assignments (we’ll handle the long-term projects a bit differently) You will have to go through the process five times to join each of the groups. DO THEM ALL NOW. We have made them public until only next week. After that we will lock them down so others can’t join.

Find the following groups (one at a time) in Flickr by typing the name of the group in the ‘Find a Group’ field. Here are the five groups and the URL for each in case you can’t find them.


With each click ‘join this group’


If you go back the the Groups tab at the top of the page you will have a ‘Your Groups’ option. Select it and all five of the assignment groups should appear. Select (click on) ‘cuny_f11_assgn_#1’ The group page will appear. Click on ‘Add Something’ and you will see the window below (except the images will be different in the photostream window on the left. They should be your images):

You can drag images from your photostream to the window on the right. You can only do six at at a time but you can do it more than once. Then click ‘Add to Group’  and check the assignments tab on the class website to be sure they loaded.