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Week One – Course Intro

“ATLANTA — Charles Moore was a news photographer who became a photojournalist and died a visual journalist — not because he changed, but because the technology, nomenclature and just about everything else involving his profession did.”
— NY Times obit for Charlie Moore, who died on Thursday, March 11, 2010


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The Formula for Success as a Photographer:

  •       – Really think about light and composition – It is ALL about light. Think about the edges of your frame, color and timing.
  •       – Big projects take a lot of time – Think through access issues, plan appropriately. The weather, other people and events
    beyond your control will not cooperate
  •       – Separate the technology from the creative — Practice, practice, practice. Learn the equipment so well that it becomes
    second nature. You can then focus your attention (and anxiety) on the creative.
  •       – Develop skills to talk to people – You need to convince and comfort people when taking photos. You need to be
    comfortable yourself.
  •      – Manage the scene — Learn to handle people, the space and the light, work them into your vision. Do not be intimidated. Do not be passive. A photographer has a great deal of control over the particulars of how an assignment will work without crossing ethical boundaries or pro standards
  •       – Think Post-production — The image in the camera is a rough draft. Envision the final project and how you will get it there
    in post. Image how your image might work with text (on it) or along with other graphic elements on a page. This may influence how you shoot.
  •       – Develop solid workflow – organize your material to be consistent from project to project. Be realistic about
    post-production time
  •       – Do the work – Just shoot. Don’t blow it off. Do not over intellectualize your idea. You will refine it through the trial and
    error of the shooting process.
  •       – Borrow/recombine – Photography is problem solving. Learn from how others solved similar problems.